Top 5 Reasons

. . . to work at Green Apple Landscaping

  1. Stability

Green Apple looks for career minded people.  We want this to
 be the last time you look for a job. We want you to succeed and will do all that we can to allow that to happen.  

  2. You will be treated with respect

    We’ve heard the horror stories about some other companies . . .   under appreciated, screamed at, and put down. That won’t happen at Green Apple landscaping. In fact, if it ever does happen here, it won’t be acceptable to us.
  3. Make a living wage

    Green Apple Landscaping offers a living wage at or above the industry average. And the less mistakes we make, the more we ALL make with our profit sharing plan.  Ask us for details.

  4. Constant improvement

We believe in continual learning. Take relevant courses to 
advance your knowledge and career and we pay for them.  
We expect you to go for various professional certifications. 

  5. Our culture of excellence and innovation          

    Have you ever had a great idea and no one listens to you?  
That doesn’t happen at Green Apple Landscaping.  We 
encourage new ideas and want to implement the 
best solutions for the whole organization. New software, new apps, the latest tools, 
the best way of doing things. We believe 
in Best Practices.  

FAQ's for working at Green Apple Landscaping

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