Senior Landscape Construction Technician

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  • $20 - $25/hour depending on experience, plus benefits and profit sharing
  • At least 3 years working on-site in landscape construction
  • Good knowledge of materials used in landscaping
  • Experienced skid steer operator 
  • Monday to Friday - Some Saturdays. 45 to 60 hours per week.
  • March 15 – December 10.  Position may
 become year round.
  • Some computer skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

REPORTS TO:  Crew Foreperson


The landscaping technician is an experienced landscape construction team member working with minimal supervision constructing complex landscape makeovers.  The position includes assistance in directing the activities of a team of two or more labourers at a job site.  The landscape technician is able to operate a variety of equipment and has a working knowledge of landscape construction practices. 


  • Reads landscaping and construction blueprints.

  • Experience in installation of the following: natural stone retaining walls, interlocking stone, random laid flagstone both dry and wet lay, square cut flagstone both dry and wet lay, precast concrete retaining walls and steps, cutting wood with a skill saw, concrete block walls, poured concrete grade beams and foundations, wire mesh and rebars, lintels, forming for concrete, poured concrete, waterfall and pond construction, digging and setting of fencing and pergola posts in ground, boulders, boulder retaining walls, planting, and pruning.

  • The ability to work well and efficiently with the following materials:  mix cement & mortar, grade gravel and soil to exact specifications using a hand rake and shovel, dig trenches using a shovel to precise depths, lift materials weighing up to 200 lbs.

  • Operates a variety of mechanical equipment including but not limited to mini-excavators, skid steers (bobcats), vibrating plate compactors, concrete saws, roto-tillers, sod cutters, post hole augers, chain saws, grinders, sawzalls (reciprocating saw), skill saws, and drills. 

  • Setup and utilize standard survey equipment (string-line & level and laser) to determine existing surface grades and resulting pavement and garden drainage design.

  • The safe operation and maintenance of trucks and trailers.
  • The keeping of detailed cleaning, repair, and maintenance logs for all company vehicles.
  • Safe storage of materials and good housekeeping at all times, on a site, to prevent injury to workers or other people who may come on a site.  The proper placement of safety cones to de-mark potentially dangerous obstacles on the site or on a public or private laneway/road.

  • Assists the Site Foreperson in planning and organizing the job, ensuring that sufficient resources and materials are available.  Also ensures that job is completed in the most time-efficient manner.  

  • Assists the Site Foreperson in managing a team of two or more employees, communicating to the Foreperson about personnel issues, and assisting in the training of employees on policies, procedures and safety. 

  • Maintains a clean and safe work environment, including work site and equipment.  
  • Measure and calculate quantity of materials needed for an installation and place orders with suppliers. 

  • Good oral and written communication skills, job planning skills, and mechanical aptitude are a must. 

  • Computer skills such as being able to use a web browser, emailing, and calendar applications.


This position requires that the individual be working on or have the following certification and licensing:

  • Canadian Landscape Technician in Hardscape and/or Softscaping (CLT)
  • Certified Landscape Professional (CLP)
  • Ontario Driver's License 'G'
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