1. How long has Green Apple Landscaping been in business?
    Green Apple Landscaping has been in business since 1995.  

  2. Is there the possibility of advancement in my career at Green Apple Landscaping?

    Green Apple Landscaping is planning to continue to expand as fast as is healthy for a company.  Our plan is to add one crew per year, which will open positions at all levels of the company.

  3. Why is there so many stages of interviews in order to work for Green Apple Landscaping?

    We want to attract the very best. It is very expensive to have to hire and let employees go, as we do a lot of training which is costly.  It is said that most employees are not fully productive for at least 6 months. We can’t afford to make mistakes on who we choose, and neither can you.  

  4. What’s some tips for impressing us here at Green Apple Landscaping and increasing the chance of getting hired?
    Take a look at our consumer web site at www.greenapple.ca and find out about Green Apple Landscaping.  You might be asked a question about our web sites in your interview. 
If you really want to impress us, take a look at our blog web site to learn even more www.blog.greenapple.ca   It would also help to understand a bit more about us.  Send a cover letter with your resume that highlights your talents and experience in relation to the job you are applying for. Make it short (one to three paragraphs) and write the main talents and experience you have that relates to the job you are applying for in the first paragraph of your cover letter so we can quickly see that you are the right person for the job. 

  5. What kind of employees do well here?

    Are you the kind of person that questions things, asking “can this be done better, easier, more efficiently?  You need to be.
 Do you excel at whatever you do? We are looking for people who do.

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