About Us

You're wondering what we're ABOUT at Green Apple Landscaping?  Maybe the better question to ask is what are you ABOUT?  What keeps you in a job?  It’s highly likely that is why you clicked onto this particular page. You’re probably looking around for a landscaping company like ours, and you're wondering, is Green Apple the sort of company you want to work for?  I've found that some people are not discerning enough when making the choice of what company to work for. Here is a pretty good list of the Top Reasons why people stay with an organization:

   Exciting work and challenge

   Career growth, learning and development

   Working with great people

   Fair pay

   Supportive management/good boss

   Being recognized, valued and respected


   Meaningful work and making a difference

   Pride in the organization, its mission and its products

   Great work environment and culture


Unfortunately, a wrong decision about who to work for is usually costly. And few things in life are as stressful as leaving a job and finding a new one.

All this being said, and the question about who you are and what you're looking for in a job, now being framed better, the million dollar questions is: does Green Apple Landscaping provide the type of work environment to satisfy the top reasons that people, meaning you, want to stay in a job?  Click below to learn a bit more about what makes Green Apple tick.

Top Five Reasons to work for Green Apple Landscaping

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